zondag 17 juni 2012

Bright and fuzzy

The two brightest colours in the garden
brought together in one picture.
It was a coincidence really that they got together.
I wanted to photograph the last of the Anemone
but the Geum was there as well, a little bit in the way.
Photographing Anemone from behind the Geum
gave these bright coloured pictures though.
The Geum serves as some kind of a curtain
through which the Anemone are looked at and I like it!
Both bright colours, one making the other
come out better and even stronger in these pictures I think.
Isn't photographing fun?

Both flowers are in flowerpots on the terrace
so I could have easily removed the Geum
but I didn't. I let the pots stand in their place.

These rosebuds were also seen through
a curtain of thin stems.
It gives the picture a bit of mysteriousness,
don't you think?
I kinda like the fuzzy unsharpness in this picture.
I do like pictures taken with
a small depth of field as well
where the attention is really drawn
to one little detail in the photo.
The one detail you want everyone to see.
I can't really get that result with my camera;
it's obvious a 'serious' camera, a special lens
and the adequate light conditions, natural or artificial,
are necessary for such pictures.
But for now, I'm glad with the pictures I can take.
I have developed my own tricks to 'approximately'
get the pictures I want: I almost always zoom in completely
and then come as near as possible to the object I want to photograph.
So even the close-ups are photographed from quite a distance.
It's the only way for me to get a little bit of
the fuzzy background I like so much in pictures.
but it's a trick and that trick doesn't work in every situation.
I'll let myself be amazed again now by the beautiful variety of pictures
I find on all of your blogs.


I wish you all a beautiful new week,

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Mooi hoor de Anemonen en de Geum zo samen .Fijne week
    Groetjes Elisabeth

  2. Hele mooi foto's Marian...bloemen zijn toch telkens weer mooi om te fotograferen!

    Lieve groet, Ingrid

  3. Oh Marian, wat een prachtfoto van een pracht kleuren/bloemcombinatie!! Ik heb de Geum ook staaan, maar geen blauw/paars in de buurt... jammer, die combi ga ik onthouden!!
    Ongelooflijk mooi!!

    Ik wens je alvast een fijne weeek!
    Liefs, Chantal

  4. Prachtige foto's Marian. En wat een kleuren, het spat er af.
    Het is inderdaad mooi om in detail of dichtbij te fotograferen!
    Succes er mee!

    Lieve groet,

  5. I could hang that second picture on the wall, it is stunning.

  6. Marian, ik vind je foto's altijd prachtig! Misschien moet je er wat meer moeite voor doen dan met een spiegelreflex maar het resultaat is super. Lekker doorgaan hoor:) Lieve groet

  7. Marian, your rosebud picture is beautiful. I am pretty much in awe of your photographs. Your flower duo reminds me of one of the first times I visited Sissinghurst Gardens in Kent when I was struck by the juxtaposition of orange and purple flowers. It was a stunning marriage and the colours of your flowers remind me of that.

    I hope your week will be lovely.


  8. Wat een prachtige foto's. Heerlijk kleurig en sfeervol.
    De Anemoon is zo mooi om te fotograferen.
    Het gaat je super af om mooie foto's te maken, altijd genieten als ik er naar kijk!
    Fijne week.
    Lieve groetjes, Annette

  9. Your photos are ALWAYS so beautiful Marian! Your flowers are just gorgeous and I loved these as well as the beautiful bouquet in your previous post.
    Always a joy to come and see what's lovely in your life dear friend.

  10. zo mooi die kleuren en ook hoe je met het licht gespeeld hebt, dat maakt de foto spannend om naar te kijken.
    ja fotograferen is zeker leuk!! iets wat ik het allerliefste doe:)
    ik vind je rozenfoto ook een plaatje, zo mooi!

    fijne week!
    lieve groet, Tjits

  11. Sooo very beautiful !!! Great shots, Marian !!!