vrijdag 30 juli 2010

Lombard Street

Lombard Street San Francisco

Today I wondered wether the bushes along Lombard Street
 in San Francisco are hydrangeas.
Looking through some pictures of the famous street
on the internet, I should find the answer,
was my idea.

And so I did
look through some pictures
on the internet.


Lombard Street

Could be hydrangeas

 Lombard Street

Oh yeah,
hydrangeas allright!

hortensia on Lombard Street

No doubt about it anymore now!!!

woensdag 28 juli 2010

Hydrangea once more

Took these pics of the hydrangeas in our garden today.









dinsdag 27 juli 2010

Sea of flowers

veldje met weidebloemen

An explosion of colours, found at happyseeds.

maandag 26 juli 2010

first bloom

We welcomed the first cosmos blooming in our garden today.


zaterdag 24 juli 2010


wooninspiratie villa d'esta

Found at villa d'esta.
Love this colourcombination: fresh and light with some colourful touches.
And all shades of purple happen to be some of my favourite colours.

woensdag 21 juli 2010

the garden

boeket cosmos
Found this colourful bouquet on this site posted as"garden eye candy".
We still have to wait for the first cosmos to bloom in our garden.
Won't take that long anymore though.
Took this picture this afternoon.


In the mean time,
we keep enjoying the hydrangeas in full bloom.

And these, as cosmos, also self-sown annuals!

Oost-Indische kers

dinsdag 13 juli 2010

K studio

K studio

Don't these pieces of furniture just look as if they stepped out of a fairytale?

Discovered them at kstudio today.

Nature combined with old cupboards and closets
and beautifully decorated by Kien Hertoghs !

Each piece is unique of course.

Recycledesign it's called.

Definitely an eyecatcher in the home!

K studio

zaterdag 10 juli 2010


hydrangea arborescens Annabelle

Can't overlook them in the garden these days,
their colorful flowerheads,
they demand all the attention.

Also they need watering a lot now.
Don't forget! Hydrangeas love water!

hydrangea macrophylla
hydrangea serrata


gehakkelde aurelia
This butterfly really liked my daughter today.
It sat on her arm over and over again.
"It tickles a bit"

gehakkelde aurelia
Some of the other butterflies in our garden today.
They preferred flowers.

atalanta en koolwitje

vrijdag 9 juli 2010

Pip Studio

pip studio

Want flowers? Love flowers? On almost anything in your house?
Visit Pip Studio.
You don't say! You already have some of it?
I don't but
there are definitely several things on my wishlist! 

pip studio kussentje

maandag 5 juli 2010

Crochet Bouquet

Found on bespokecountry.
Should have had this book last winter!
I was obsessed with crocheting flowers then!
Hook and wool have disappeared into the closet again now
who knows
maybe next winter?