dinsdag 30 september 2014

Harvest time

It's hop harvest time again and this is what the hop field looks like
after the hop bines have been harvested.
Not all of the hop fields have been harvested yet.
Wish I could add the smell of hops being harvested to these pictures.
Last day of September,
I wish you all a beautiful month of Oktober,
Autumn or Spring.

donderdag 18 september 2014

A coincidental discovery

Een toevallige ontdekking.
While in the city last week, I took a shortcut
to get to the main shopping street and that way discovered a little
gem in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the city.

Toen ik vorige week in de stad een binnenweggetje wou nemen naar de
winkelstraat, ontdekte ik een klein pareltje temidden van de drukte van de stad.

 I didn't even make it to the shopping street in the end, only had an hour to spend
and unexpectedly spent it in this old medicinal herb garden surrounded by little houses
dating from the middle ages. The peace and quiet in that little spot in the center of the city
and so near shopping streets and a shopping mall is really amazing.

De winkelstraat zag ik uiteindelijk niet, ik had dan ook maar een uurtje te spenderen
in de stad en dat deed ik geheel onverwacht in deze oude kruidentuin omringd door
oude huisjes daterend van de middeleeuwen. De rust en stilte in dit kleine plekje midden in de stad
vlakbij de winkelstraten en een shopping center is echt ongelooflijk.
This lovely place is called the Baggaertshof and the city you can find it in is Kortrijk.
The Baggaertshof is often referred to as the second Begijnhof of Kortrijk I now know.
I've never been in the Begijnhof there. I will just have to do that as well sometime.
Dit lieflijke plekje is het Baggaertshof in Kortrijk.
Het wordt ook wel het tweede Begijnhof van Kortrijk genoemd, weet ik intussen.
Dat (Het Begijnhof)heb ik nog nooit bezocht.
Dat moest ik ook maar eens doen.
The Baggaertshof was established in 1638 by Josijne Baggaert.
Together with her sisters Catharina and Wilhelmina, she wanted to do something
to help needy people in the city.
The Baggaertshof consists of 13 small houses and a chapel, arranged around
a rectangular courtyard with a herb garden.
Het Baggaertshof werd opgericht door Josijne Baggaert in 1628.
Samen met haar zussen Catharina en Wilhelmina wilde ze iets doen
om de behoeftigen in de stad te helpen.
Het Baggaertshof bestaat uit dertien huisjes en een kapel opgesteld rond
een rechthoekige binnenkoer met kruidentuin.
 "Dat men altijd ernstig aanschouw zal nemen dat de woonsten geconfereerd (toegewezen) zijn aan Weduwen ofte dochters (jonge vrouwen) zeegbaar van leven (goed gedrag), die onbequame zijn omme te dienen ofte anders hen lieden cost te winnen ende die leven in eene eerbaere armoede omme aldaar met spinnen, naeien ende dergelijk oefeningen stillekens ende modestelijk den cost te winnen." 
Uit bovenstaand stuk tekst uit de stichtingsakte van het Baggaertshof wordt duidelijk
wie in de huisjes mocht wonen.
This is the entrance to the chapel.
Dit is de ingang tot de kapel.
And here's a peak inside.
Notice the madonna of Our Lady ter Olmen.
En dit is een blik binnenin.
Daar staat het beeld van Onze-Lieve-Vrouw ter Olmen.
Let's continue our way into the garden.
We wandelen verder de tuin in.
A lot of different herbs, not much bloom
but nevertheless some surprising finds
I put on photo to share here. 

Heel veel verschillende kruiden, niet veel bloei
maar toch enkele verrassend mooie ontdekkingen
die ik op foto zette.
Phytolacca esculenta
Common chicory. Only a few flowers left but how I love this colour!
Wilde Cichorei. Slechts enkele bloemen maar wat een prachtige kleur!
Love these dried teasel heads!
Deze gedroogde kaardebollen vind ik echt prachtig!
A niche in the garden wall with heart.
Simple but pretty.
Een nis in de tuinmuur met hart.
Eenvoudig en mooi.
As you can see, it's really situated in the middle of the city.
Zoals je ziet ligt het echt pal middenin de stad.
I could take a look inside one of the houses.
Loved the filtered light falling in through the curtain
lightening up the cushion on the chair .
In één van de huisjes mocht ik even binnenkijken.
Prachtig vond ik het gefilterde licht dat binnenviel
door het gordijn en het kussen op de stoel oplichtte.

The last inhabitant left the Baggaertshof in 1975
after which it was completely restored.
It has been a protected monument since 1939.
De laatste bewoonster verliet het Baggaertshof in 1975.
Daarna werd het volledig gerestaureerd.
Het is al een beschermd monument sedert 1939.

maandag 15 september 2014

Gathered style in September

Been having some fun a while ago with some flowers, faded and not, and seedpods
I gathered from the containergarden and arranging them on the table.
It's something new to me because I usually photograph flowers as they are
on the shrub or plant but this time I decided to take it a step further and try to
do a bit of, well, I guess you could call it styling, still in its babyshoes though ;)
This is what I gathered. All from my containers, except for the lovely Maid-in-the-mist
seedpods which I noticed in the garden, hiding, I never saw them bloom.
The, although not too big, Dahlia(you can read more about its larger sisters in a previous post ;) )
and the Rose were quickly ommited from the whole thing. They didn't work well to style with.
Too big afterall. I also tore the faded Hydrangea flowers apart and only used some of the petals. 
This was a first attempt.
But then the wind wanted to have its say in it and you know what,
I liked it! So this was what I ended up with.
Amazing how little is needed to make a pretty picture, or isn't it?
But hey, I wanted to use both Rose and Dahlia in the composition as well,
which led to this "wreath decorated" ;)
I know, a bit much maybe
but I didn't mind, still loved it.
Guess this could be my entry for GGBD September at once.
So what's blooming or has faded into something beautiful in your garden in September?
Have a lovely week everyone!

donderdag 4 september 2014

Tsuki Yori No Shisha

A Dahlia with curls. And an eye catcher! Just one flower is enough to draw attention. The flowers are huge.
Especially when it first started blooming, the flowers were so large and heavy the stems couldn't even hold them.
Not a pretty picture unless you cut the flower and lay it flat on the table.
Here's one of the flowers next to a normal size rose.

Look at those curls!

It's an unusual flower and probably not everyone's favourite.

Still a wonderful flower to try and capture on photo.

It can look somewhat mysterious.

But just turning the camera into a different direction
gives it this dreamy, gentle and light appearance.

I have to admit that this summer I didn't grab my camera very often.
All of the above pictures are taken with my camera though,
except for the very first one. This summer I grabbed my
smartphone more often to take a quick picture and
then Instagram is great and easy to create and
share a series of every day pictures.
Exploring Instagram was my little bit of vacation this summer ;)
From now on I hope to make a blogpost more often again
and I hope to keep on Instagramming as well.
If you'd like to have a look at Flowers and Home on
Instagram, here's the link.