woensdag 28 mei 2014


Let me show you a green Copenhagen this time, literally, not just because
Copenhagen is Europe's green capital for 2014.
 We start off in the botanical garden, a gorgeous garden where you're invited to sit down
in the grass and enjoy the surroundings. Had the weather been better, I'm sure a lot of
people would have done so. But never mind the weather, we had a more than wonderful
stroll through the garden.
Imagine going to Copenhagen and seeing Edelweiss in bloom in springtime.
I had never seen Edelweiss, a very beautiful and extraordinary flower.
The always lovely poet's daffodil, one of my favourite daffodils. I had/have it in the garden but
the last two years only green leafs showed but no flowers. No idea why. So glad I saw it here instead.
Next, let's go to King's Garden (Kongens Have),
the gardens of Rosenborg Castle, once the royal residence.

Rosenborg castle

Now, would you believe this is Copenhagen?
I took this picture while walking to the most photographed
statue in Copenhagen, but more about that in a later post ;)


zondag 25 mei 2014


History, tradition and modern design go perfectly together
in this wonderful capital of Denmark.
Probably the best known view of Copenhagen: Nyhavn
But let yourself get lost in the spiderweb of streets and squares in the inner city.
Go to heaven for just a while.
You have the choice,
eat tiny pieces of smørrebrød or
be entranced by the blue and white traditional design
or by the modern design of Royal Copenhagen handpainted porcelain.
We did the latter but o I would have loved to try a smushi at the royal smushi cafe.
Guess we'll just have to go back sometime. I know I'd love to.
Copenhagen is a charming city.
I could totally see why lego was invented in Denmark.
Above is a (zoomed in) view from the top of the round tower (Rundetaarn)
you see pictures of underneath. A must if you visit Copenhagen.
The views from the top are great.

Climbing, yes, but no stairs, which I loved.

While you're there, enjoy an exhibition of hats made by art students in what was once
the university library. It brought back memories of a similar hat exhibition
by art students in our hometown. Maybe you remember the post I wrote about it back then.

I fell totally in love with the enormous amount of flower bouquets for sale on one of the squares.
Just look at these gorgeous peonies!
And what about these roses in a mix of colours? Fantastic!
And isn't the colour of these Hydrangeas amazing!?
Love the colourful buildings
as well as the modern design.

This is the Copenhagen Opera house.
It is just opposite of Amalienborg and the Marmorkirken(Marble Church)
on the other side of the water.
Love the fact that cars are almost completely banned from the city center.
Fairytales and magic, both a part of Copenhagen.
But let's explore the city a bit more first

and be enchanted....
A little toy soldier One of the guards at Amalienborg
wraps up this first post about Copenhagen.

vrijdag 16 mei 2014

GBBD May: Already! How time flies!

Are we really halfway through May already??? Time for another garden bloggers' bloom day.
Wat vliegt de tijd! Zijn we echt alweer halfweg mei??? Dat betekent tijd voor garden bloggers' bloom day.
In the garden, Columbines:
In de tuin, Akeleien:

Because of the shady garden we have, a dark background is never a problem really
but I tried something a little different as well this time.
Onze schaduwrijke tuin zorgt makkelijk voor een donkere achtergrond wat ik wel mooi vind
maar dit keer probeerde ik ook eens wat anders.

The photo underneath I 'softened'(bloom) it a little bit in photoscape.
Loved the effect on that particular photo.

De foto hieronder vond ik wel mooi een beetje 'verzacht' in photoscape.

 In the container garden:
In de pottentuin:

No roses blooming anymore for the moment but a tulip(well, four to be exact, see previous post) steals the show.
Geen rozen meer in bloei voor het ogenblik, maar een tulp(wel, vier om precies te zijn, zie vorige post) steelt de show.
The daisies are still blooming happily as well. I Put them on the garden table this time to photograph with the garden as a backdrop.
De madeliefjes blijven vrolijk verder bloeien. Ik zette ze op de tuintafel dit keer om ze te fotograferen met de tuin als achtergrond.

More garden bloggers' bloom can be found here.

Meer bloei bij bloggende tuinierders en tuiniersters kan je hier vinden.  

Have a beautiful weekend,
Heel fijn weekend,

dinsdag 13 mei 2014

Four tulips

In the 'container garden' to be exact. I've decided to specifically tell from now on where the flowers I show on my blog bloom: The 'garden' or the 'container garden'. The roses from the previous post are also in pots and therefore part of the container garden. They are not looking as good as they did before because of the many wind we've been having. A lot of branches with flower buds broke, so I had to cut them but that means I have more flowers in little vases in the house ;) Hope the roses will recover eventually. These four tulips however withstood the wind and are now blooming.
Vier tulpen. In de pottentuin om precies te zijn. Ik heb besloten vanaf nu telkens te vermelden waar de bloemen die ik op mijn blog toon bloeien: in de tuin of in de pottentuin. De rozen van de vorige post staan ook allemaal in potten en maken dus deel uit van die pottentuin. Ze zien er momenteel niet zo goed meer uit door de vele wind die ze te verduren kregen. Veel takken met knoppen braken en moest ik verwijderen maar nu heb ik wel nog meer rozen in huis staan ;) Hopelijk herstellen de rozen in de pottentuin zich uiteindelijk. Deze vier tulpen echter doorstonden de wind en bloeien nu.
 From the tulips I planted in pots some months ago, most didn't come out as they should. A lot of tulips didn't produce flowers and others started blooming while still on ground level if you know what I mean. But from the five Drumline tulips, four did come out and are blooming on long stems as it should be. The daffodils 'Pipit' in pot are also blooming now. I love this variety of daffodils as you may already know. So glad I found some this year since I didn't for many years. That said, does anyone know a way I could preserve the bulbs so I can use them again next year? Leave them in the pot(something I know doesn't work with tulips) or take them out of the pot and let them dry and plant again next oktober? Any tips are welcome!
Van de tulpen die ik enkele maanden geleden in potten zette kwamen er niet veel uit zoals verwacht. Veel tulpen kregen gewoon geen bloemen en andere begonnen te bloeien terwijl ze nog op grondniveau waren als je begrijpt wat ik bedoel. Heel vreemd, maakte ik nog nooit mee. Maar van de vijf Drumline tulpen kwamen er vier boven en die bloeien nu op lange stelen. De narcissen 'Pipit' in pot bloeien nu ook. Ik vind dit zo'n mooie soort zoals jullie misschien al weten. Heel blij dat ik er dit jaar weer vond want de voorbije jaren was dat niet het geval. Een vraagje: Weet iemand hoe ik deze narcissen het best kan bewaren na de bloei? Gewoon in de pot laten(iets wat bij tulpen in elk geval niet werkt) of uit de pot halen en laten drogen en opnieuw planten in oktober? Alle tips zijn welkom!
In the garden the Columbines and the snowballtree are still blooming,
but they both suffered a lot from the wind we've been having.
In de tuin zelf dan zijn het de Akeleien  en de sneeuwballenboom die
voor kleur zorgen al hadden die beiden ook heel erg te lijden van de vele wind.