dinsdag 15 januari 2013

More snow

Are you ready for some more snowy pictures?

This morning as we woke up,
we discovered the world covered in
an even thicker layer of snow than it 
already was the days before.

A thick layer of snow covering everything,
making me grab for my camera even before breakfast.

This looks like a snowball in a flowerpot
with sticks stuck in it, but it is a Hydrangea.
This Hydrangea suffered a lot from
the frost in februari 2012.
I had to cut it all back and that's
why there are so many short branches,
all with new buds, which I hope
won't freeze this year....
It is standing in a very sheltered spot....
See it was still snowing a little this morning?
Those are not dust spots on the lens.

And here's the deckchair
with a thick cushion of fresh snow
for a change.

The wooden bench is covered in snow also
and this stem of faded Anemones is trapped on its arm.
The stem probably bent under all the snow
bending down on the benches arm while the snow kept falling
and creating this remarkable scene.

See how the little Christmas tree
has shaken off most of the snow
but the buxus behind it
looks like a huge snowball,
not one little piece of green visible anymore.

O, and here's good old Gaston.
He did age quite a bit overnight,
developed a frown even 
and bent a bit
but still laughing and waving at us anyway.

More bent branches,
hanging completely down to the ground.

Most hydrangea flowers are hanging down as well,

Some almost look like icecubes.

So very fragile.

Tire tracks....
Reminding me I had to get going as well....

In the afternoon.

A little sunshine, although very cold.

Isn't it magical?

I hope I didn't give you all
an overdosis on snow.
I realized I took far more pictures 
now than I did all last week.
I didn't even have time yet though
to share the few pictures I took then
but I will soon,
and that won't be snow, promise ;-)


19 opmerkingen:

  1. so fun to see your snow images, you are having fun to do this before breakfast. I so love that little snow man or person. Way too cute.

  2. Snow looks so pure and virginal especially when cloaked in blue shadows.

  3. In één woord: PRACHTIG!
    Nog een fijne, winterse dag,
    lieve groetjes, Valerie ♥

  4. Hier nog steeds geen enkel vlokje....maar ik geniet wel lekker van je foto's. Mooi!!

  5. Ik kan er geen genoeg van krijgen, want het is toch sprookjesachtig zo'n witte wereld.
    Wat heb je prachtige foto's gemaakt en wat is er bij jullie veel gevallen.
    Hier iets minder, maar wit is wit en ik geniet, ga straks weer even een lange wandeling maken..
    Lieve groet, Mea

  6. Geweldig Marian!

    Lieve groet,

  7. Many snowy beautiful pictures. You have surprisingly much snow over there!

  8. I love your white photos, Marian ! Beautiful ! Greetings from Greece !

  9. Nooit teveel sneeuwfoto's! Het is ook zo mooi buiten, zeker als het zonnetje erbij komt. Morgen weer vrij dus dan ga ik ook van al het mooi wits genieten en lekker op pad met de hond.
    Geniet van de sneeuw Marian.

  10. Nothing rejuvenates the world like a coating of fresh snow! Brings out the kid in me :) Gorgeous pictures, thanks.

  11. Jemig, bij jullie is echt veel gevallen! Hier maar 1cm ongeveer.
    Ook al hou ik niet van sneeuw het blijft een betoverend gezicht.
    Liefs, Sas

  12. Wat mooi weer je winterbeelden Marian.........liefs

  13. Your photos are always so so lovely....very little snow here...just rain.
    I kinda wish we had some to soften up our world.
    Thank you for the sweet Christmas card my friend. xo

  14. Geweldig Marian, hier is ook best veel gevallen maar bij jou toch wel iets meer denk ik. Je hebt het prachtig vastgelegd.
    Fijne dag, liefs Ingrid.

  15. Jeg kom bare lige forbi.
    Hvor er det nogle smukke snebilleder du har taget.
    Snemanden er bare flot.
    Tak for kigget.
    Ha´ en dejlig dag.

  16. Prachtig, Marian! Wat een grappige sneeuwman!!
    Fijne avond!
    x Nicole

  17. I hope one day that I could visit a place like this, full of beautiful and magical snow!

    hugs from Brazil ;)