woensdag 10 augustus 2011

three figs

That's the first produce of our little figtree.
Well, I should really say "figbranch"
because it's not much more than that yet after all.

Last year, I planted a branch of a figtree in a flowerpot.
That branch must have developed roots
and spring this year we saw leaves appear 
and what looked like minuscule green figs.

These had now ripened and we harvested them this evening.
'brown-purplish soft skin; then they're ripe', we were told
by the the branch deliverer last year and that's exactly
what our first three figs look and feel like.

There are more little green figs on the tree branch
but these won't have the time to grow and eventually ripe;
too late in the season for that now.
We haven't tasted the figs
and I have to admit I never ever tasted a fig before
so tomorrow will be the big reveal of
how a fig tastes and first of all of
what it looks like once cut open....
But that's for tomorrow!