vrijdag 12 augustus 2011

August birthflower

I took these pictures a while ago.

It's the first time I have Gladiolus in the garden,
well I should say, in a pot on the terrace,
the ones I planted in the garden only produced short green blades
with clearly no intention of blooming whatsoever.
The wind from the last days
made me put the pot against the wall
as it kept falling over otherwise.

Did you know every month has a birthflower?
I accidently discovered this when I read somewhere on the internet
that the birthflower for August is Gladiolus.

After a little more googling I found this:

"August Birth Flower

The gladiolus is the August birth flower. These flowers look like a sword with their tall stalks, hence their being named after the gladiators. The gladiolus is a beautiful cut flower and one of the most attractive garden flowers. There are 255 species of gladiolus. The gladiolus flower means remembrance.

The gladiolus is easy to grow and comes in every color except blue. The gladiolus grows from a bulb planted several inches below the ground surface. It is a member of the iris family and is originally from southern Africa."

If you'd like to know the birthflower for the other months,
click here

Although these Sweetpeas 
haven't been chosen as a birthflower for any month,
I really love them.
They smell great and have the most bright colours.

These pictures are from a while ago too.
The Sweetpeas have joined the Gladiolus against the wall now...
yep, the wind tipped these over too.

It's a bit of a weird sight actually,
those flowerpots close together against the wall,
it looks as if they were punished or something....


PS To everyone who takes the time to read and follow my blog,
thank you so much!