zondag 7 augustus 2011

The garden in august

From a distance there's only colour
from the hydrangeas in the garden now.

I love the different shades of colour
that appear in the bushes of hydrangea
by this time of year.

Fading colours, dusty colours,
my favourites.

There can be a variety of colours
in just one flower sometimes.

Except for hydrangea "Annabelle".
While the fresh flowers are bright white...

they all turn green as they age.

I made an amazing discovery this afternoon
as I was taking pictures of the hydrangea Annabelle.

In the middle of one of the aged flowers
I discovered the seed pod of an Allium
that obviously must have bloomed in spring
but was covered by the leaves and flowers of
the hydrangea at that time.

Having a closer look,
I discovered two more seed pods
hiding in the hydrangea bush.

Talking about seed pods,
the blue love-in-a-mist that bloomed
in the border in spring
has now totally dried up seed pods.
Every seed pod looks to me as if it were
a little nest with a giant egg in it.

Even those dried up spring flowers
are worth to be taken a picture of I think...

Right next to these are some
white blooming love-in-a-mist
I sowed here early spring this year.

The dark cornflowers
have reached the end of their bloom
for this year too.

Something tells me
there's already a bit of fall
around the corner...

August... Harvest month...
Summer is about to come to an end.

Let's enjoy the last days of summer!