maandag 3 augustus 2015

Flowers in the sun on sunday

In the last post I showed you flowers in the rain in july, now it's only fair that I show you flowers in the sun because that's how
august started off, with some beautiful sunny days. I took all these pictures yesterday afternoon.

In de laatste post toonde ik jullie bloemen in de regen in juli. Nu is het tijd voor bloemen in de zon
want dat is hoe augustus begon, met een paar mooie zonnige dagen. 
Deze foto's nam ik gisteren namiddag.
Stealing the show on our terrace are the white Echinacea, looking so much more vibrant in the sun.

De witte Echinacea bloemen stelen momenteel de show op het terras.

Tried to photograph them from a different angle so I got the blue sky into the picture as well.
I love a blue sky!

Hier gefotografeerd vanuit een andere hoek zodat ik ook de mooie blauwe lucht
van gisteren mee op de foto kreeg. Wat hou ik toch van een blauwe lucht!

Did the same again with this second Dahlia flower of this summer.
Love these smaller pomponlike Dahlia flowers, ideal for containers.

Hetzelfde deed ik met deze Dahlia bloem, de tweede van deze zomer.
Ik hou wel van de kleinere pompondahlia's, ideaal voor in pot.

 More pink from the rose 'Bailando'.

Meer roze van de roos 'Bailando'.

 But as I said you can't go past these at the moment.
They want all the attention and they deserve it don't you think?

Maar zoals gezegd kan je niet voorbij aan deze bloemen voor het ogenblik.
Ze eisen de aandacht op en die verdienen ze ook, vind je niet?

Remember this first Dahlia flower in the rain?
This is the exact same flower in the sun this time
and still the only flower on this particular dahlia plant.

Herinner je je deze eerste Dahlia bloem in de regen van vorige post?
Dit is dezelfde bloem maar in de zon dit keer
en nog altijd de eerste bloem aan deze plant.

The finale of this post just had to be a white Echinacea flower,
bathing in the sunlight.

De laatste foto moest dit keer gewoon een witte Echinacea bloem zijn,
badend in het zonlicht.

Have a great new week everyone!

Fijne nieuwe week iedereen!


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  1. Your white Echinacea are lovely Marian - you appear to be having much more success this year in your garden now that you are using more containers - have you found that to be true?

    1. I certainly never thought roses would do so well in containers even if they will never be as they would in full soil. They have been doing great this year for the first time because june was a dry month. Some are not so healthy looking anymore after all the rain in july but well, could be worse. The gardenitself is getting worse year after year. Nothing grows, we even had to give up on the hydrangeas now. It's become a big black and dark space. Not a pretty picture. I've always had a lot of containers, it's a lot of work but at least then I have flowers to enjoy. Not everything works for containers. It remains a game of trial and error as well. I've come to the conclusion I have to give up on peonies. They don't work for the garden and a container is not an option either. Also pink echinacea have never been a success. But let's concentrate on what does work. Yeay for roses and Dahlias. And the white echinacea!

  2. Mooie foto's van prachtige bloemen!!

    Een fijne week! Liefs, Ingrid

  3. Een plaatje van een foto om in te lijsten de roos ' Bailando'

    Je bloemen in potten doen het heel goed en hebben het naar hun zin in de zon.

    Fijne dag en lieve groet,

    1. Ja, Bailando weet de show wel te stelen!
      Fijne dag, hoop dat het al wat beter gaat met je knie intussen,

  4. Je zonnehoeden zijn prachtig!
    En de dahlia's mogen er ook zijn.
    De container met de rozen is een plaatje en de roze dahlia vind ik ook heel mooi!
    Geniet ervan!

    Liefs, Gerry

  5. Marian, Your white Echinacha are so delightful and so beautifully photographed. I love the background of the blue sky and the black too. Your pots look amazing and put ours to shame! Sarah x

    1. There goes a lot of work into maintaining the pots and watering all the of them but I couldn't live without flowers and since our garden is a no go for flowers in summertime, far too dark and shady and too dry as well, containers are the only option.

  6. How beautiful !!! I love all these gorgeous flowers !!

  7. You have just proven, through your well-taken photos, that flowers are beautiful no matter the weather! The pink pompom dahlia is exquisite and the white echinacea is peaceful and serene. Enjoy the sunshine!

  8. Hi Marian!
    Of course your flowers in sun are more beautiful! Lovely Echinacea, you're lucky: you grow too many of them, I have only one (1) Echinacea in my garden. Always am upset if some weeds close it :((

    1. Hi Nadezda, the echinacea aren't easy to grow, believe me I know. This is the only plant so far I was lucky with.The first year there was nothing but at least it survived, the next year one flower, and so on and so on. Now there are many flowers but it's taken years. I'm so happy with it now, it was worth the patience! I keep trying to grow other colours but it's not really a success story. Maybe you should try to grow it in a pot as well. Weeds wouldn't be able to close it in then. That's where the white one is in and where I try all the others, always in containers, the soil in our garden isn't good to grow echinacea and it's far too dark as well in there. Our garden always becomes a big black hole in summer. There's only bloom and colour on the terrace, where everything is in containers. Our garden is ideal to relax in on heatwaves but we don't get those very often ;)

  9. Your photos are so beautifil, sometimes inspiration for my :)
    White Echinacea is really something special, maybe I'll buy one for my flowers garden.

  10. Your garden is looking wonderful Marian. Doesn't a little sunshine make all the difference!