dinsdag 2 juni 2015

Spring at Keukenhof gardens ~ part one

The Autumn weather we've been having makes me long for Spring while it's in fact still Spring. So why not go back in time, about one and a half month, and enjoy the beauty of Spring as we enjoyed it then in Keukenhof, a place that had been on my wishlist to visit for a long time and this year we did. I also finally got around to going through all the pictures I took there and make a selection of them to share here. Are your ready to be immersed in tulips, daffodils, hyacinths and other springbulbs? If only I could also give the overwhelming scent from the Hyacinths with the pictures. 

Loved this view of the blossoming trees, grapehyacinths and white daffodils in a loose arrangement. 

The majority of flowers blooming when we visited were daffodils and hyacinths.

Most of the tulips still had to start blooming but 
we did see the Spring-flowering trees in full bloom.

As you see, it wasn't a blue sky day while we were there but that was actually not a bad thing.

I just realize that from the above pictures you might think we were 
the only ones there at Keukenhof. I can assure you though, we weren't!

Do you see how whole patches of tulips were connected by already blooming colourful hyacinths in the above picture? It must have looked wonderful with the tulips flowering later but maybe not as peaceful as it does in this picture. I kind of like the different greens with just some colour. Visiting Keukenhof at different times in one season would be a great idea to see how it changes throughout the season when different springbulbs flower.

On the other hand, to say we didn't see a lot of tulips blooming would be an exaggeration.
I didn't see that many tulips together ever before, blooming or not yet blooming ones.

Loved that stray tulip here in the midst of the daffodils, a remainder from the year before maybe?

Some of the tulips were even starting to fade already.
And still looking beautiful even so.

One red tulip in a field of creme ones.
Would this have been done on purpose or is it a coincidence I still wonder.
Anyway, it was beautiful.

The combination of different colours and of different springbulbs you find there
makes Keukenhof into a real inspiration for gardeners and flower lovers. 

It's impossible to put all the pictures of Keukenhof I want to show you into one post,
so I will be back later with some more pictures.

Have a lovely evening!


10 opmerkingen:

  1. Great to see you back blogging Marian!
    So much colour, Keukenhof looked magnificent.

  2. This must be an amazing place to wander with the colours and scents and shapes delighting the senses. I love the strong stately trees growing calmly amongst the bulbs and manicured lawns. So different to the landscape and climate I live in.

  3. Als klein meisje ben ik er ooit eens geweest, dus dat is heel lang geleden. Schitterend, zo mooi zoals alles in bloei staat. Het zal een feest geweest zijn om daar doorheen te mogen wandelen.

    Liefs, Ingrid

  4. It is more years than I care to remember visiting Keukenhof, but it is lovely to be reminded of how colourful and wonderful the bulbs are. I can recall that it made a huge visual impact on me when I went.

  5. Wat een prachtig bezoek aan de Keukenhof!
    Schitterende foto's!
    En al die kleuren in bloemen.
    Mooie reportage, Marian!

    Liefs, Gerry

  6. Wonderschone foto's van de Keukenhof Marian en je hebt het gepresteerd om veel prachtige foto's zonder mensen te maken, super. Ik woon er niet zo heel ver vandaan maar ben er al jaren niet geweest. Ben elke keer van plan om er een keer 's morgens zo vroeg mogelijk, om 8.00 uur voor de deur te staan, helaas dit jaar weer niet gebeurd.

  7. Marian, I'm sorry to say that I somehow lost track of your beautiful blog! I have no idea how that happened but now I get to enjoy going backwards in time over your posts to catch up on and enjoy all of your gorgeous photos :) What a treat to visit this garden and see all the spring bulbs. As usual, your pictures are perfect!

  8. Prachtige foto's van De Keukenhof Marian! Weet je dat ik er nog nooit ben geweest.....En dat voor een tuinliefhebber :-)

    Fijne avond!

    Madelief x

  9. Geweldig mooi elk jaar weer. Ik probeer ieder jaar te gaan en ben steeds verrast. Groetjes, Hetty

  10. Hoi Marian,
    Een half uurtje fietsen en dan ben ik er... bij Keukenhof... ik ben er dit jaar niet geweest, maar vorig jaar was ik er nog met Sanne.
    Ik ben er eigenlijk mee opgegroeid, want mijn opa en oma woonden vroeger pal naast Keukenhof. En zowel beide opa's, diverse ooms en mijn vader werkten vroeger in de bloembollen.. tja dat heb je als je in de bollenstreek woont...
    Ik blijf het altijd weer zo prachtig vinden, de tuinen van Keukenhof en ik ben blij dat jij het er ook zo prachtig vond...
    Je hebt er echt prachtige foto's gemaakt.. heerlijk om te zien...
    Fijne dag vandaag,