zondag 29 augustus 2010


Reading a post on Kristin's blog, I eventually ended up here.

"Modern dream home in southern California" this was called
but I didn't think it was modern just looking at the pictures.
I loved this house and normally I don't like modern so much.

So, I started reading the article about the house.
With "Belgium", "Antwerp" and "Axel Vervoordt" in the first few sentences, I kept reading of course!

And then at the very end of the article:
"Our mantra for this whole project was using materials that are old and trying to make them feel modern."

Ha! Bit a blend of old and modern then, but certainly not strictly modern.
Must be exactly the kind of blend I like!


1 opmerking:

  1. Ik hou van deze stijl

    Axel Vervoordt, een prachtige stijl, Maria. Het Belgische Vlassak Verhulst is helemaal geweldig, ken je hen?
    Mooie foto's. En vanaf nu volg ik je, het lukt!!

    Een fijne zondag en nieuwe week. xx