zondag 13 april 2014

Happy surprises

It's really amazing how much the garden has changed and evolved over the last few weeks. Fresh green foliage appeared and several plants already bloomed or are now blooming. From a distance, the garden looks like a green oasis with a white(Summer Snowflake) or bluish purple(tiny wild violets) dot here and there.
To see the little wonders in the pictures beneath, you have to go into the garden though and have a real good look as they are 'hiding' in an empty spot behind a larger Columbine plant.
Happy surprises ;)

Wish you all a happy weekend with a happy surprise maybe, who knows

11 opmerkingen:

  1. Een mooiere verrassing kun je niet krijgen. Geweldig mooie foto's.
    Een heerlijke zondag gewenst.

  2. I love your forget-me-nots! Gorgeous photos too. Surprises like this are always so welcome.

  3. Sooo beautiful! I love the blue color of those forget-me-nots. It's not blooming so much here - yet, so we've been digging and carrying soil... Happy Sunday, Marian!

  4. Zo super scherp gefotografeerd deze vergeet-mij-nietjes, het is heerlijk nu in de tuin waar we elke dag weer nieuwe verrassingen ontdekken.
    Fijne zondag verder.
    Groet, Janneke

  5. Schitterend, Marian!

    Liefs, Gerry

  6. So happy you have these little surprises everywhere in your garden, if this is any indication I would be happy also. What beauties these are Marian. Love that gorgeous blue, it would brighten up any day.

  7. De vergeet-mij-nietjes staan er prachtig bij Marian! Jij ook een fijne week en veel plezier in de tuin!

    Madelief x

  8. Genieten van kleine dingen, zoals deze mooie vergeet-me-nietjes! Prachtige foto's.

  9. I love those pictures!!! Wonderful!!

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