zondag 24 november 2013


"In the original Roman calendar, November was the ninth month of the year. It got its name from the Latin word "novem" which means nine. However, it became the eleventh month when the Romans added in January and February to the start of the year.

Throughout much of history, November has often been thought of as a somber month because it signaled the start of winter. People would spend the month storing up their harvest and preparing their food and homes in order to survive the winter."
The historical Germanic name for November is Nebel-mond (fog month)
Grey and somber are words to describe
the month of November,
at least in this corner of the world.
This year has more than proved this again.
By the end of november most leaves have fallen.
Not all that much fog though this year,
lots of rain, not one day without rain actually.
Even today, while sun was predicted the day before yesterday,
that had changed already by last night, and a grey day was predicted instead.
And indeed, it was another grey November day again
and we had more rain, nasty dusty rain.
Really can't say I love rain at this very moment ;)
Last week, at dusk already, a rainbow appeared,
a small token of colourfulness from nature.
I tried to capture it on photo.

Chrysanthemums are the flowers of the month of November,
but they haven't been looking too cheerful this year,
because they were smashed down to the ground by the rain
before they even started to bloom.
This is a photo from the beginning of November.
Things are looking even less photoworthy now.
But after reading what's quoted on top of this post today,
I realized this is just a 'normal' November month we're having,
at least for the Northern Hemisphere,
it's a completely different story for the Southern Hemisphere
where November is much more like May over here.
With December and Christmas on the doorstep,
I decided to move our 'litlle christmastree', not that little anymore actually,
from the side of the house to its proper place for now, on the terrace!
It was a huge job. I kept slipping on the mud that's now become
our lawn at the side of the house and I even managed to almost
loose my boot when at one spot my foot(with boot) went half a metre into the soil.
I think you get the picture of me struggling with this tree in a pot?
At first I thought I'd never be able to move it,
heavy as it was, even just to tip it over a bit to put the cart
I always use to move pots underneath it.
I'd rather have the tree planted out into the soil
but can't do that all by myself and my husband isn't really fond of this tree ;)
He doesn't want it anywhere in the garden.
Me on the other hand, I 'm so very glad it's survived all the time
from when I bought it as a little christmastree for inside the house until now,
I don't want to just get rid of it,
it puts a smile on my face to see it thrive and grow ;)
But hey, maybe it wouldn't even survive in our wet soil
and it's better off in its pot. I put it in a larger pot last summer,
because it had really grown out of the pot I originally bought it in
after three years. That alone makes it an amazing tree, don't you think?
I have to say, it doesn't really look like it should on the picture above.
It was raining when I took the picture, happy as I was that I had managed
to move it but it's otherwise a very happy looking tree, I can assure you ;)
Think I might start on some wintery decorations soon.
Dark and cold days have been here for a while now.
Did you start adding some winter or Christmas decor
into your home yet?

 Dec 1st: It's now official, this month november is on the fifth place of
most somber november months ever since weather records were kept.
Phew, so it wasn't just me, this month was really somber ;)
Only about 1 hour of sun a day average last month.

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  1. Well, we've had a rainy autumn as well here in Finland. This morning we had a little bit frost and snow. I'm glad we did! I don't like winter, but frost and snow are better than it's pouring every day. Happy Sunday evening, Marian!

    1. I have to admit, I love snow better than rain as well. It makes the world look so gentle and fairytale like I think.
      Have a great week Satu!

  2. Inderdaad, somer en grijs is het hier ook. Twee weken geleden waren we een paar dagen in Rome en daar was het 23 graden en dat is hier vlakbij. Het mag hier van mij best iets opwarmen hahaha.

    1. Dat zal een hele aanpassing geweest zijn, van een zonnig Italië naar het sombere weer hier maar o wat zal het genieten geweest zijn in Rome in de zon. Geniet nog maar even na ;)

  3. Despite the rain you have found some colourful pictures for November! I have tried to save Christmas trees in the past despite my husband's thoughts! You tree looks so healthy. I don't start decorating inside until December.
    Sarah x

    1. Haven't started decorating yet afterall. I think it'll be december here before I'll actually start decorating as well.

  4. I hear you on the month of November in your part of the world, I think it must be the way I feel when it is August here in mine. Too much of anything is way too much if it is rain or heat. While I have been enjoying the rain and you haven't you have been getting some wonderful images however, that third one down is awe striking so gorgeous indeed.
    Loved the story of the tree and about your husband not liking it. I hope you do decorate it and can show us all a picture of the tree that your husband doesn't like once again. Or maybe still it will be blessed with a beautiful snow fall to dress it all up for Christmas. Loved your post.

    1. Don't think I'll be decorating the tree as it's outside but I have imagined it under a blanket of snow already. Wouldn't mind that, love that much more than rain ;) I can't imagine 'too much sun', I didn't think one would ever have too much sun, but then we don't really get the amount of sun you do of course.

  5. Hoi Marian,
    Wat heb je dit prachtig beschreven. Je foto's zijn er ook heel erg mooi bij. Maar op de een of andere manier heb ik het idee dat wij hier best heel aardige dagen hebben gehad in november, tot nu toe tenminste. Zelfd de dagen in en rond Poperopinge hadden we best mooi weer, op een regenbuitje aan het eind van de dag na...
    Je kerstboompje is prachtig en ik weet zeker dat je daar veel plezier van zult hebben...
    Lieve groet,

    1. Dan hebben jullie echt wel geluk gehad en precies het juiste weekend uitgekozen. Net dat weekend waren wij niet in Poperinge en hadden we enorme wind en bakken regen elders in de provincie. We deden toen zelfs niet alles wat we eigenlijk gepland hadden door de regen. Je zal het nooit anders zien natuurlijk;)
      Vandaag was ik in de buurt van Rijsel en daar was het ook droog. Deze avond naarmate ik Poperinge naderde begon almaar meer te regenen en alles ligt er hier echt kletsnat bij. Vroeg toch even aan de kids of het werkelijk heel de dag zo was geweest waarop volmondig 'ja' dus toch ook vandaag weer een regendag. Het gras en de tuin kunnen niet liegen in elk geval, die liggen er allebei verzopen bij. Neen, dat november mooi was, dat kan ik echt niet zeggen, echt wel het tegendeel, maar zoals gezegd, dat is eigenlijk gewoon 'normaal'.

  6. Nice November photos, Marian. I love this one with wet leaves fallen on the road. Great! We have the same weather: rain, clouds, some sun rays, no snow and frost. I have not started adding some decoration yet, I want to start in December.
    Have a nice week!

    1. Thank you for your kind comment Nadezda. I actually loathe those leaves ;) I've been scraping them from the terrace over and over again and collecting them in the house everywhere. They stick to shoes and end up everywhere outside and in. Also my car gets covered in them all the time. It's our neighbours tree and a beautiful tree geting really big but I do not like it in Autumn when it looses all its leaves and the stems of those leaves because those fall apart from eachother. The wind often gives a hand to distribute the leaves all over even more.
      Sounds like we've been having a bit of the same weather.
      Deco probably won't be winterised and christmasised here until december as well.