maandag 15 september 2014

Gathered style in September

Been having some fun a while ago with some flowers, faded and not, and seedpods
I gathered from the containergarden and arranging them on the table.
It's something new to me because I usually photograph flowers as they are
on the shrub or plant but this time I decided to take it a step further and try to
do a bit of, well, I guess you could call it styling, still in its babyshoes though ;)
This is what I gathered. All from my containers, except for the lovely Maid-in-the-mist
seedpods which I noticed in the garden, hiding, I never saw them bloom.
The, although not too big, Dahlia(you can read more about its larger sisters in a previous post ;) )
and the Rose were quickly ommited from the whole thing. They didn't work well to style with.
Too big afterall. I also tore the faded Hydrangea flowers apart and only used some of the petals. 
This was a first attempt.
But then the wind wanted to have its say in it and you know what,
I liked it! So this was what I ended up with.
Amazing how little is needed to make a pretty picture, or isn't it?
But hey, I wanted to use both Rose and Dahlia in the composition as well,
which led to this "wreath decorated" ;)
I know, a bit much maybe
but I didn't mind, still loved it.
Guess this could be my entry for GGBD September at once.
So what's blooming or has faded into something beautiful in your garden in September?
Have a lovely week everyone!

21 opmerkingen:

  1. I remember collecting items from the garden as a child and then again at a gardening conference to make a framed artwork. I absolutely love what you have done and the mixture of colors from your faded blooms is lovely for GBBD...just beautiful!

  2. Gezellige foto's van de verschillende bloemen ...
    Een sfeervol herfst bloemstuk ...
    Fijne week ... lieve groetjes Valerie ♥

  3. Very pretty compositions Marian - a celebration of September flowers

  4. Each arrangement is beautiful. The last also appears as if you are looking down upon a wicker/cane covered vase.

  5. What beautiful styling of the blooms from your garden. Really, very pretty!

  6. Allemaal prachtig Marian, de compositie van de laatste foto is super, maar verder heeft de eerste foto mijn voorkeur...
    Heel leuk effect, alle bloemen zo op goed geluk door elkaar, althans zo lijkt het en dat was dacht ik ook de bedoeling... zonder dat het te gemaakt moet lijken...
    Helemaal goed gelukt dus...
    Ik wens je een heerlijke nieuwe week,
    Lieve groet,

  7. Je hebt heerlijk geexperimenteerd met je bloemen en zaden.
    En de krans is heel mooi geworden.
    Leuk om zo met bloemen te spelen.

    Lieve groet,

  8. Your arrangements are stunning! I loved them all and am impressed by your talent! Happy GBBD!

  9. Wat een mooie herfst foto's ...mag ik die een keer gebruiken voor Bonhof bloemen fb ..?...laat even een reactie achter op mijn blog....ik doe het niet zonder toestemming natuurlijk Marian !...liefs Ria..x..!

  10. Such a fun idea. Yours turned out beautifully.

  11. Wat een leuk idee om mooie composities van bloemen te maken. Dat is je goed gelukt.

    Liefs, Ingrid

  12. Love that these pretty arrangements came from your garden, and showcase blooms and seedpods in various stages of their lifecycles! These would make nice prints to hang on the wall, too. Happy GBBD!

  13. Leuk hoor je foto's van de bloemen en je krans is echt prachtig .
    Lieve groet Elisabeth

  14. That's such a wonderful idea and your images and displays are so lovely. Sarah x

  15. Heerlijk om zo met bloemen en kleur te spelen Marianne! Ik beleef er ook altijd veel plezier aan. Je hebt prachtige kleuren bij elkaar gekozen!

    Veel tuinplezier toegewenst deze week! Het is bij jullie vast en zeker ook mooi.

    Madelief x

  16. A lovely composition Marian. Clever wind!

  17. Hoi Marian heb de foto's vandaag op fb bonhofbloemen gezet...krijg leuke reacties hoor...!...bedankt voor het gebruiken ...liefs ria

  18. What a beautiful idea whether flat or full as a wreath.

  19. These are truly beautiful, Marian! Really pretty combination of colors and textures. And I can imagine that they're very therapeutic to create as it takes some patience and thought to place them in the best arrangement. Have a lovely weekend! G