zondag 15 juni 2014

GBBD June 2014: Crazy June

June has been crazy on all levels sofar, even on the garden level, due to the crazy weather we've had a week ago, weather that brought a lot of damage to crops on the farms around where we live, due to the large hail that fell. The hail also damaged a lot of cars and glass greenhouses, veranda's or domes, and then there's also the waterdamage. The hail struck here as well but the damage is minimal compared to what a lot of people have to cope with.
But first let's have a look at what's blooming in the garden. A bit too soon yet for Hydrangeas to bloom, and they did suffer from the hail as well, there's not really that much blooming in the garden at the moment, just Geranium Endressi, a Sweet William flower here and there and some Love-in-a-Mist, also thrown onto the grass but still surviving the hail which is amazing really.
The Mock Orange shrub was blooming wonderfully for just a couple of days when the weather turned against it and it lost its petals far too soon, leaving the soil and part of the path covered in white petals looking like snow.
This was last Sunday
The following Monday morning

The hail ripped a lot of Hydrangea leaves or left huge holes in them, both in the garden and the container garden. A lot of flowers won't have all the little flowers they normally would hadn't there been this bad weather.

Some roses from the container garden I quickly cut at the beginning of the hail storm, before it got too bad. More roses in the container garden in the pictures below.

 Frivolous Rosa Waltz Time

Frilly Rosa l'Aimant

Elegant Rosa Ashram

Small but o so pretty white Fairy rose.

In this bowl are also Rosa Nostalgy(cream) and Rosa Ascot(red).
I cut these the day after the storm.

White Fairy rose again, in a container, as all the roses are.
I've had it for three years, but it's the first year it blooms so beautifully.

Beautiful in a little vase.

Sun shining on the bowl of roses last week.

Also in the container garden, Pincushion flowers, a first, bought tiny plants last year that didn't put on a spectacular bloomshow then but now they've grown out to larger plants in their container and are producing beautiful blooms.
 And that's it for this Garden Bloggers' Bloom Day.
Want to see more in gardens around the world? Have a look here then!

15 opmerkingen:

  1. Your flower photos are always a feast for the eyes Marian - my son ran from Paris to say they had a hail storm too. Hail the size of tennis balls - one of their cars, not in the garage, now has a completely dimpled top, they were not very happy as you can imagine.

  2. Hoi Marian,
    Wat een prachtige foto's van al die mooie bloemen in je tuin zeg... wat bloeit er veel. Heel bijzonder om te zien hoeveel schade de hagel heeft toegebracht aan de bladeren... indrukwekkend gewoon...
    Ik wens je een heerlijke avond en een heel mooie nieuwe week,
    Lieve groet,

  3. Volgens mij is jouw tuin op dit moment een grote bloemenzee, ik zie zoveel verschillende soorten en kleuren. Prachtig hoor!

    Liefs, Ingrid

  4. Prachtige bloemen heb je Marian. Ja en die hagelstenen doet niets goed. Er was eens een jaar dat van mijn hosta's alleen een geraamte was overgebleven jammer genoeg.
    17 jaar geleden toen we net in Zeewolde woonde kwamen de hagelstenen als tennisballen zo groot uit de lucht. Dwars door mijn plastic tuintafel en niets stond meer overeind.
    Gelukkig zijn we dit jaar gespaard gebleven.
    Heerlijk avond gewenst en maar hopen dat zulk weer niet meer zal langskomen.

  5. I am glad you didn't have that much damage to your yard, I simply love that fairy rose, just so gorgeous.

  6. So sorry about the weather and all that hail. It's too bad the mock orange couldn't have bloomed longer, but I love the photo of the blossoms covering the ground--looks like a flower carpet for a wedding! You have so many beautiful roses!

  7. Your photos are beautiful. You were lucky to be able to rescue the flowers before the hail storm I love your roses.

  8. So sad to see the petals ripped off the Philadelphus. We had hail too, although nothing like as bad... but not what we expect in June! Your roses are looking so beautiful. I love Rosa l'Aimant.

  9. Hail can be oh so damaging as we in Texas know. Your mock orange was beautiful before the hail but the petals on the ground are also beautiful. I love your little fairy rose, and I'm glad you get to enjoy some of the blooms inside the house. Lovely arrangements. Happy Bloom day.

  10. The bad weather always seems to appear when the flowers reach their prime. Our ornamental poppy blooms were badly affected this year. Your roses look fantastic and I love the images of the fallen petals. It's not often you see images of these. Sarah x

  11. Oh how beautiful! Even with the hail damage, your garden is gorgeous. I love the mock orange snow. Every time I come to visit I am amazed by what I see here. I feel so lucky to know you dear Marian. I am so inspired by your talents. Thank you so much for your kindest comment you left for me.
    sending hugs from here...

  12. Sorry Marian about your plant suffered of hail. We had it here last June as well, all my hostas were with large holes!
    Glad your beautiful roses were not damaged and your The Fairy is wonderful, mine is pink and is in bloom now too. The weather is unpredictable, you're right. We are in cold now, temps dropped to 10 C!

    1. Same here Nadezda, cold and a lot of wind, and a few raindrops now and then, not the weather I like ;)

  13. Beautiful roses! Great photography! Sorry for the hail damage! Lovely post!

  14. A glorious selection of flowers - especially the roses. All beautiful photographed too. Hail can leave so much damage - thankfully you had minimal damage at your home yet it's still disheartening to see the garden affected like this..