vrijdag 22 april 2016

Springtime magic in the forest

It's that time of year again when parts of the woods get covered in a layer of white or blue or a mix of both. No matter how many times you've seen it it's impossible not to be impressed by it year after year. So, after this long time of no blogging from my side, I'd love to share that little bit of magic in the woods with you here, more specifically from the woods on Mont noir and in the parc Marguerite Yourcenar in Saint-Jans-Cappel.

Layers of blue wild hyacinths at the parc Marguerite Yourcenar.
You don't really find much flat areas here as this area that's right on the border of
France and Belgium is called 'Heuvelland' which means land of hills. 

 Believe me, if you just want to walk and not take pictures here you have to leave your camera and phone home because I think it's impossible to walk here and not feel the urge to take photos.

The blue carpet of bluebells may be magical but you know by now I always love a close-up picture and these bluebells are so delicate, beautiful and elegant.

 It's wonderful to be able to walk among these beautiful wild flowers. That's why I think it's such a pity people had been stepping on the Hyacinths on many places. There are pathways to walk on so I don't see why you would want to step on those marvelous flowers and ruin the blue carpet under the trees. I don't even get why one would do so. Really makes me angry and sad.

They may not get as much attention as the bluebells but these carpets of wild garlic really are amazing as well.

As if snow has fallen in some parts of the forest where the soil under the trees is covered in wild garlic.

At the parc Marguerite Yourcenar I always love that one spot where the redbrown leaves of a huge red beech (I think that's what it is) are twirling above the blue hue of the wild hyacinths. To me it's like a magical combo of Spring and Autumn happening. There's a wooden bench right at that spot which invites you to inhale the magic of it all.

Looking down at all that beauty,
don't forget to look up as well cause there's beauty to be found there as well.

Also, don't forget to soak in the surrounding landscape from 'Heuvelland' from time to time when there's an opening along the path in the forest at Mont noir. 

With this view I'd like to finish this long post with an overload of pictures, I know.
Just see it as a compensation of being absent here for so long.

Happy weekend all!


8 opmerkingen:

  1. Take me there...Thanks for sharing, it's fabulous!

  2. Wat een prachtige zee aan bloemen...ik vind de wiite en paarse kleuren zo mooi. Het moet een feest zijn om daar te wandelen en te fotograferen!

    Ik wens je een heel fijn weekend! Liefs, Ingrid

  3. Welkom terug Marian, fijn om weer een blogpost van je te lezen en wát voor een......
    Wat was je op een prachtige plek om foto's te maken en ik droom even weg bij het bekijken daarvan,in een woord SPROOKJESACHTIG!!!

    Raak niet uitgekeken.

    Fijn weekeind en lieve groet,

  4. Absolutely magical Marian!
    It's all so pretty. The bluebells are just starting here, it will be a week or two before they reach their peak.

  5. Wat een een blije verrassing dat je weer terug bent!!! En met wel super mooie foto's
    Groetjes en een fijn weekend gewenst.

  6. Marian such a wonderful collection of photos to help up appreciate the amazing beauty of these places in your homeland. The bluebells, hyacinth, wild garlic, the red beech trees and the elegant white flowers on the trees amongst the greens and natural looking pathways - it's all like a dream! Do any of these flowers have a fragrance too? I would be walking these paths as often as I could, and stopping frequently with my camera.

  7. Hoi Marian,
    Wat is dat toch een fantastisch gezicht hè, als al die bloemetjes zo wonderschoon bloeien.
    Dit is echt Genieten met een hoofdletter.
    Je hebt het ook prachtig vastgelegd.
    Ik wens je een heel fijne zondag,

  8. Wat een prachtige post van je! Wij hebben dezelfde bloemen in de tuin maar dat haalt het natuurlijk niet met de hoeveelheid van blauwe boshyacinthen die jij laat zien! Dit is toch helemaal fantastisch!

    groetjes Trijnie