donderdag 16 juni 2016

Just poppies

Sometimes it's in the most unthinkable corners of the garden you can find a wonderful photo opportunity.

To me, poppies, wherever they turn up in the garden, are reason enough to grab my camera.

Wind or rain can't keep me from trying to capture these fragile beauties.

Look at this special one with a touch of white on the edges.

It's really never happened before that there were so many poppies turning up
in our garden and not in the spot we'd expect them to either.

Somehow some poppy seeds must have ended up in and around the compost heap
because that's the spot where poppies are thriving in the garden this year.

Due to all the rain and wind we had over the last few weeks,
the poppies are hanging over the edge of the bin as if they were a waterfall
and the ones next to the compost heap have all fallen onto the grass 
and then getting themselves up again to bloom afterall.

Fragile but so resilient.

I love poppies, bright splashes of color on grey days.

Have a wonderful day,


14 opmerkingen:

  1. What stunning poppy photos Marian - so vibrant and clear - simly lovely.

  2. Mooi papavers ...hou er van....liefs Ria x

  3. Sublimely beautiful photos Marian!Really fantastic! We have had an enormous amount of poppies this year in the countryard but they slowly began to disappear since late April.

  4. Wat een prachtige serie Marian! Ze zijn fragiel maar zo aanwezig w.b. hun kleur.....dat maakt het juist weer zo leuk, terwijl ik anders helemaal niet zo van dat felle rood hou!

    groetjes Trijnie

  5. Hele mooie foto's heb je er van gemaakt....
    Hier zijn ze verdwenen, dus ben een beetje jaloers op je...

  6. Great photos, Marian! Interestingly why poppies grow near compost heap, maybe the soil there is very rich.
    Have a nice and dry weather!

  7. I'm so glad you are back sharing your wonderful picture again. Those poppies are so lovely, it's such a shame we have had so much rain this week when the flowers are all appearing. Sarah x

  8. I love poppies, and your photos are beautiful!!! :)

  9. Those poppies are lovely, they have brightened my day! Sarah x

  10. Stunning colors, Marian. Love poppies!

  11. Prachtige foto's! Ze zijn echte erg mooi! Klaprozen hebben de eigenschap om onverwacht op te poppen op plaatsen waar je ze het minst verwacht! Hier staan ze ook her en der verspreid in de tuin, een aangename verrassing!
    groetjes Mickey